Bamboo Bikes

Discover our range of bamboo bikes. Each frame is custom made by our craftsmen.

Le Ventoux

Price 12,190.00
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Tested and approved by the magazine "l'Acheteur Cycliste", this is a machine that will never stop surprising you: "The small team from Vosges has managed to sign an incredible bike, ultra efficient and ultra different. No other machine on the market comes close to the sensations experienced here. By Alexandre Lombardo Cycling Buyer, September 2015.

With the Ventoux and its natural material, we offer a competitive alternative to carbon. It's a bike that's made to accumulate kilometers while tasting the pleasure of comfort.

Frame: 3740 €

Frame kit: 4150 €.
Complete bike: from 6390 to 12190 €.

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Price 8,290.00
Availability: Out of stock

As a Vosges-based company, we absolutely had to have a mountain bike. After months of R&D and the Solidream pilot project, our first Crosscountry was born. We named it the "Olima", in reference to a corner of the forest where we like to ride.

The Olima is a versatile XC bike designed in the Vosges, for the Vosges! Stiff and comfortable, it is ideal for climbing in the undergrowth or rocky climbs. On the way down, the wide and uncluttered cockpit is perfect for letting go of the brakes and concentrating on your trajectory. This bike has one goal: to provide pleasure.

Frame: 3590 €

Frame kit: 4890 €.
Complete bike: from 8290 €.

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Price 5,490.00
Availability: Out of stock

The Lhenry, the first model designed in our workshop, is intended for use on the track or for fixed gear enthusiasts. Its exceptional handling and road holding will make it your ally in the city as well as on Criteriums... It has been tested and approved by the rider Thibaud Lhenry on international circuits of the Red Hook Criterium. In 2014, he became world champion on this fixi.

To be able to compete, the track version has been accredited by the UCI, which makes it the first UCI-labeled bamboo bike.

Frame: 2690 €,

Frame kit: 3090 €.
Price complete bike: from 5490 €.

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Price 8,290.00
Availability: Out of stock

After the collaboration with the Solidream team, we developed a series of more accessible trekking bikes. The Pamir range was born. Two versions are available: one for trips of a few weeks and another for trips of a few months. Here are robust bikes to discover unknown countries in all serenity.


A word from Mickaël and Pauline from the Kallawaya project, March 2016:

"Versatility is the key word for this bike, designed for long distances on any type of road surface. On the road, the track dedicated to the 4x4, even certain pedestrian and equestrian routes, the vegetable fibres ensure comfort and fluidity. Even with a 30kg load, the flexibility of the frame gives an enjoyable feeling of gliding on unpaved descents. In short, more than a bike, a companion for exploration."

Frame price: 3590 €,
Frame kit Trip version: 3790 €.
Frame kit Week-end version: 4090 €.
Price complete bike in Trip version: 7490 €.
Price complete bike in Week-end version: 8290 €.

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Price 7,790.00
Availability: Out of stock

Developed in close collaboration with the Solidream team of travelers, this bike was developed to go further in the adventure. Oversized tires, incomparable resistance and equipment chosen for its robustness come to make this Fat Bike a high-end weapon for trekking.

Solidream's word, March 2016:

« The fat tire redefines the limits of the travel bike by opening up to icy lands, the desert or the steppe. The suppleness of bamboo gives back the pleasure of mountain biking and erases the weight of the panniers, especially on descents! In short, it is the open door to a new form of wild autonomy. »

Frame: 3590 €, Frame kit: 3790 €.
Complete bike: 7790 €.

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