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Our raw material is natural and local. Our production is entirely carried out in our workshop in the Vosges, and we prefer, as much as possible, the closest suppliers.

Revealing the Potential of Natural Materials

Light and resistant, they require little energy to produce and are biodegradable. We want to prove to you that these materials can still surprise you.


To limit transportation and deforestation we do not use exotic woods.

Too often associated with a heavy or fragile material, we have combined engineering and craftsmanship to create wooden products that are as surprising as they are effective.

Inspired by new technologies, such as composite or laser cutting, we have evolved the traditional trade of the cabinetmaker to create modern and functional products.

Feuille de bois découper au laser
Champ de lin en normandie


To grow, flax needs weather conditions that are only found between Caen and Amsterdam, making France the world's leading producer.

For a few years now, this fiber has made its appearance in biocomposites. We use it as a reinforcement in our bikes and skates.

Flax has exceptional resistance and vibration absorption properties.


It grows in the bamboo grove of Anduze, in the Gard.

This grass, which is often mistaken for wood, offers us a light and resistant tube, ideal for our bikes.

We have selected VIG bamboo, known for its strength and whose dimensions are perfect for the manufacture of our frames.

Vélo avec un cadre en bambou

Valuing People and Their Know-How

In a world with a delocalized and dematerialized economy, working conditions are increasingly precarious.

We believe that a company must be at the service of people, providing them with security and well-being.



Collage d'une planche de skate
Formation soudure entre salariers


Informed of the company's direction, employees know where they are going and what roles they have to play. This perspective reassures and motivates the team.

Everyone is a source of ideas, contributes their ideas and shares their point of view. The company is constantly strengthened.

To break the routine, the employees organize internal training courses. Whether it's welding, CAD or ski making, everyone can learn from each other. When it comes to new products, everyone is involved in the creation process.

Working environment

The atmosphere is professional and relaxed. Everyone is empowered and involved in the smooth running of the company.

The schedules are flexible, everyone spreads his work over the week as he likes.

No turnover! Since the first hires in 2016, no one has left the company.

Pause détende sur la terrasse

Supporting the Territory and the French Model

We take for granted free access to health care, social protections and public services. However, in a globalized economy, this model of society is threatened.

We propose an alternative that includes the "real" cost of French manufacturing.

Handmade in the Vosges

This simple idea has gone against the grain.

We have chosen to return to a coherent economic model: design, manufacture and sell.

It is an independent and autonomous company that creates value on its territory and participates, on its own scale, in the French model.

Perçage d'une lunette en bois
Vue de l'atelier depuis la forêt

Rural success story

In 2013 we were welcomed with open arms in a small rural village in the Vosges.

Its mayor has been fighting for years against territorial fractures.

In this region with a depressed economy, the "success story" of a young company shows that the countryside is now a land of opportunity.

Favouring local products

We are convinced that by favoring the closest suppliers and by distributing our products mainly in France, we participate in a virtuous economic system while reducing our carbon footprint.

For these reasons, we work exclusively with endemic species of European forests, such as beech, oak, maple or tulip tree. This ensures proximity and sustainable forest management.

Foret en automne vue du ciel