In'Bô x Die Teufelhand

212,50 €

After having led the Epinal Imagery workshop, Christin Georgel launched his own traditional printing workshop under the name Die Teufelhand. High-end screenprints and exceptional designs leave his studio.

We wanted to mix skills and offer a unique object. This artistic collaboration offered in 30 copies comes straight from the imagination of Christin. Here is a large board, for bowl or cruising, with a retro appearance, decorated with an exceptional hand-printed screen. Unique boards, made for riding.

  • Glued black grip
  • Plate in 30 copies
  • Bare platform or equipped board (trucks, wheels and bearings)
  • You can choose the color of the screenprint (Gold or Silver).

More details

Discover this collaboration on video -

Screen printing -

Each plate is screen printed by hand in Christin’s workshop.

- Composition -

We work with local species. The heart is composed of 7 crossed folds of beech

- Weight -

Bare board : 1kg Equipped board: 2.7kg

- Assembly -

The wood sheets are glued, placed in a mold and then pressed. We work with a 56% bio-sourced Epoxy resin.

- Finishing -

We bring great importance to the finish of our boards. Five layers of varnish provide perfect protection. Each board is unique. Each board is numbered.

Fiche Technique Goutte 2016