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As a Vosges company, we absolutely needed an ATV. After months of R&D and the Solidream pilot project, our first Crosscountry was born. We named it "the Olima", in reference to a corner of the forest where we like to ride.

The Olima is a versatile XC designed in the Vosges, for the Vosges! Rigid and comfortable, it is ideal for climbing in the undergrowth or stony ascents. On the descent, the large and refined cockpit is perfect for letting go of the brakes and focusing on your trajectory. This bike has one goal: to provide pleasure.

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More details

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- Sizes -

We offer 4 sizes from S to XL (see rating table) which cover the majority of body types. A help table for choosing the size is available at the bottom of the page.

- Weight -

The bare frame weighs between 2.5kg and 3.2kg (depending on the size). A complete bike weighs between 11kg and 12.5kg (depending on the range of equipment).

- Benefits -

- A frame much more resistant than many carbon bikes
- Exceptional filtration of vibrations
- Impressive dynamism
- Perfect handling
- A unique bike made in France
- The use of natural and local resources

- Geometries-

Géo Ventoux equipement olima

- Equipments -

Wanting a simple and reliable bike, we chose high-end equipment. Manufactured in Barnoldswick in England, Hope peripherals have long been a guarantee of performance and quality.

Equipement olima

- Ambassadeurs -

To demonstrate the performance of bamboo bikes, we surrounded ourselves with cyclists ready to take up the challenge and break stereotypes.

Convinced of the qualities of the bicycle, Thibaut Lhenry entered international competition on an In’Bô fixed gear bicycle. It took him less than two years to clinch the world champion title, winning the Red Hook Criterium in 2014.

Back from three years around the world, the Solidream team is imagining a Fat Bike project in the Pamir mountains. Why not bamboo? In 2015, after months of conception, they left, loaded with equipment, off the roads in the plateaus of Tajikistan.

Since then, many others have taken the plunge to remind us that nature is well done!

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- Manufacturing -

Each bike is made to order with the utmost care. Each piece is meticulously selected to obtain an exceptional setting. All linen fibre joints require real sculpting work. For us, each bike is a unique object.

- Standard -

Our bikes comply with standard EN 14766 (mountain bike). The tests were carried out at CRITT SPORT in Chatelleraut.