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Inspired by the wayfarer shape, Harfaing propose timeless lines. Wood is giving a new style, unique and nice. This model will suit most of the people faces.

The 2016 collection is even ligher and pleasant to wear. Temples refine which bring a great comfort for an every day utilisation. A hand made finishing garantee a premium glasses.

For advices and informations, please contact us by mail: contact@inbo.fr or by Phone at: +33

  • French wood species
  • Anti reflection lenses, standard or polarized
  • 2 diferent sizes
  • lot of wood choice
  • 3 kind of cases

More details

175,00 €

-  An Optimum strength -

Our Shades are made of 9 sheets of wood with all plies oriented in diferents direction in order to give the best résistance. We also use high performance glues to prevent from all kind of delamination. Our glasses follow the guidelines of CE current standards and so each frame has a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defaults.

- Comfort -

We propose two sizes which would fit most of people faces. Before making making your choice, you should refer to the right explanations. Temples are made so the thickness near your ears will be very small to offer an nice touch and a unique look. Flexible hinges give an excellent outfit and can be adjusted. Those sunglasses are very light : between 20g to 25g depending on the model.

- Sun Lenses -

Our sunglasses are available with classical or polarized lenses. Both offer a 100% protection with UVA/UVB, Those 3rd categorie lenses also have a anti-reflective coating and have a gray tint. Lenses are cut for each frame then set up.

- Optic lenses -

If you want to adapt the lenses to your sight, eather you can see the map of our official partners or you can go to your regular optician if he agree of course. We decline all responsability in case of break while mounting the lenses. Till Today, we have no problems to set lenses from -7 to +7 corrections.

- Pockets and cases -

You have 3 diferent choice regarding how you want to store your glasses. One is a linen fiber pocket and the two other are leather cases. All of them are fully made by Christophe Jacquemin in our workshop. Those cases are very local product as we select the best leather pieces handled by vegetal tanning.

- The Finishing -

Every frame is finished by hand with a polishing system, no varnish is use. The frame may acquire a little tint change with time. It could be amplified on zones in contact with the skin, depending of people.

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