Xati // Origine

175,00 €

Xati is fine shade especialy designed for small faces. Its classic style is soften the retro look of the key nose.

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  • French wood species
  • Anti reflection lenses, standard or polarized
  • 2 diferent sizes
  • lot of wood choice
  • 3 kind of cases

More details

Discover our glasses

- The glasses -

For each frame you can choose the lenses:
- Sunscreen Cridal®, 100% UVA / UVB, category 3, with anti-reflective treatment on the inside. These glasses are made in the Jura. The hue is gray.
- 100% UVA / UVB polarized, category 3, with anti-reflective treatment in CR-39. The hue is gray.
- Our glasses can be adapted to the vision at our partner opticians.

- The sizes -

Each model is available in two sizes to fit a maximum of faces. The difference is felt in the nose. For them to be comfortable, the glasses must rest well on the root of the nose. With these two positions, you will necessarily find the glasses that suit you.


- The temples -

Designed to provide good support and be comfortable, the temples are arched to avoid pressure points, and their thickness is thinner behind the ear. In addition, to adapt to the morphology of each face it is possible, using pliers, to adjust the branches by bending the tab of the hinge.

- The hinges -

We have chosen to use Flex double barrel hinges for more comfort and resistance. Assembled with simple torx screws, the hinge can easily be replaced which makes it easier to change a piece of glasses during a breakage.

- The cases -

Each pair of glasses from the Origine range comes with a soft linen and microfibre case sewn in the Vosges and a tubular cardboard case made in Drôme.

- Wood -

Wood, a living material, gives each pair of glasses a unique character. We have selected local species for their color and texture. You will be seduced by the plane tree mesh, the grain of the almond tree or the grain of the oak.

- Assembly -

The facades are composed of nine sheets of wood, glued with a high performance adhesive in order to obtain resistance and flexibility. So it is possible to clip the lenses without opening or heating the frame.