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We are revisiting the longboard by combining aesthetics and technicality. We have chosen to use different local essences for marquetry and beech for the heart. La Goutte is mainly intended for cruising. Its concave form will lock your feet and its rocker will return a hell of a flex. A kick tail has been added to improve handling. Multi-drilling on the rear truck allows you to adjust the flex of the board. Unique boards, made for riding.

  • Long-lasting transparent grip
  • Numbered boards
  • Bare platform or equipped board (trucks, wheels and bearings)
  • Black Bolzen Trucks and Globe Wheels Product

More details

Discover our skateboards in the video -

- Composition -

The heart is made up of 7 layers of beech. Two layers of 45 ° / -45 ° linen fibre reduce the effects of torsion and a unidirectional linen / carbon layer provides dynamic flex. In accordance with our values, flax fibre is harvested and processed in Normandy.

- Weight -

Bare board : 1.5kg Equipped board: 3.3kg to 3.5kg

- Assembly -

The wood sheets are glued, placed in a mold and then pressed. We work with a 56% bio-sourced Epoxy resin.

- Finishing -

We bring great importance to the finish of our boards. Five layers of varnish provide perfect protection. Each board is unique. Each board is numbered.

- Wheels -

We propose to equip our boards with DTC Victory Pure wheels (diameter: 70mm / width: 57mm). These high-end wheels are handcrafted in Strasbourg. With an Alu core, their performance and lifespan are exceptional. This wheel set is recommended for freestyle and / or freeride. For cruising, we offer Bustin wheels (diameter: 70 mm / hardness: 80a).

Fiche Technique Goutte 2016