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The Fosse was created to be versatile. It is a symmetrical board that provides comfort and stability. The drop through assembly lowers the center of gravity and facilitates the push for cruising. Three flex are available to suit all riders. The two kicks tails allow you to work tricks easily. The patterns and serigraphy are signed Pierre Gréau, Spinalian artist.

  • Long-lasting grip
  • Numbered plate
  • Available in bare tray or fitted board (trucks, wheels and bearings)
  • 3 flex available: Soft: 45 to 70 kg / Medium: 65 to 90 kg / Hard: 80 to 110 kg Black Bolzen Trucks and Globe Wheels

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- Flex -

The Fosse is available in 3 flexes to choose according to the weight of the rider: Soft: up to 60 kg Medium: from 60 to 75 kg Hard: from 75 to 90 kg

- Composition -

The heart is made up of 7 plies of beech. Two layers of 45 ° / -45 ° linen fibre reduce the effects of torsion and a unidirectional linen / carbon layer provides dynamic flex. In accordance with our values, flax fibre is harvested and processed in Normandy.

- Weight -

Bare board : 1.9kg to 2kg Equipped board: 3.8kg to 4.1kg

- Assembly -

The wood sheets are glued, placed in a mold and then pressed. We work with a 56% bio-sourced Epoxy resin.

- Varnish Finishing -

We bring great importance to the finish of our boards. Five layers of varnish provide perfect protection. Each board is unique. Each board is numbered.

- Wheels -

We propose to equip our boards with Stimulus wheels, these are the most versatile wheels in the Orangatang range. Ideal for carving, dancing and freeriding, the Orangatang Stimulus are comfortable in all situations and offer a durable construction. The yellow model with a diameter of 70 mm and hardness 86a allows you to perform slides on all types of terrain!

Fiche Technique Goutte 2016