The collective [ In'Bô ]

 Originally from the four corners of France, we found ourselves in the Vosges at the École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois. Through our passion  for woodworking and outdoor sports we got to know each other. Our taste for adventure gave us the desire to create an activity in accordance with our principles, which  led us together to entrepreneurship.

Le collectif Inbô

From left to right: Antoine, Quentin, Robin, Aurèle and Pierre-Thomas

2013-The Firstfruits

The adventure began during our studies, in the garages and attics of our shared flats. Robin starts strong by making hollow wooden surfboards with a friend. Quentin, Antoine and Aurèle quickly accompanied him in the creation of three pairs of skis. Subsequently, the manufacture of bamboo bikes and wooden glasses pushes us to ask ourselves the question: And why not live on our passion?

Les Prémices

2014-The Vosges installation

Very quickly our project echoed with the Pôle d 'Excellence Rural Terre de Hêtre. Wishing to promote entrepreneurship in rural areas, the PER offers us to enter the Pacelor business incubator.We have access to the ENSTIB machine park as well as a building in the community of communes of Bains les Bains. Suffice to say that such an offer cannot be refused! 

In order to buy the first machines and start manufacturing, we launched a crowd funding campaign. With more than six times the initial objective, that is to say close to € 60,000 raised, we knew that our products pleased and that this project would go further.

L'installation Vosgienne

2015-The start

Our project continues on its way. About fifty opticians and skate shops trust us throughout France. The press follows us and allows us to relay our adventure. The fresco of 9 boards created in collaboration with Pierre Gréau is regularly exhibited during events. We meet the Solidream team: a great partnership had been born! Three fat bikes then set off on the roads from the Pamirs to Tajikistan. We are always supported by the business incubator but not for long

Le démarage

2016-Like grown up!

It has been 3 years since our project started! Our business is growing and changing. In July, we got out of the incubator and filled our own company statutes. It's okay, we're almost alone now. Indeed, the team has grown. Four people joined us to lend a hand to the workshop: Jérémy, Romain, Christophe and Félix. For Pierro and Robin had left for new horizons, in retraining, the second to go explore the world. Good luck friends! So there are seven of us in In’Bô today. Many trainees also gave their time to develop this project. The team changes and so does our workshop! We expaned rooms and floors to be able to evolve serenely. By the way… RIP our mini-ramp….

One year after their return from the Tajikisthan mountains, the Solidream team released the film: "The works of the Pamirs" (to be found in our products). Meanwhile, the Lost In The Swell surfer team borrowed the Solidream fat bikes to sail along the coast of Gabon in search of the wildest waves. Two beautiful collaborations have also emerged, the first with Christin Georgel on a series of 30 screen-printed boards and a second with the brand DC shoes on a series.

Amménagement de l'atelier

2017-We continue on the momentum!

The year has started off well. After several shows and the creation of a new range dedicated to opticians, the team has grown even more. Arnaud and Baptiste come to assist us in the workshop while May and Kevin join the offices. After a very good optics fair/ salon in September, we are embarking on a national tour to present the new collection. Today, more than 350 opticians trust us, and play the game of Vosgien manufacturing. Since you have to take a break from time to time, we begin to build a skateboard ramp next to the workshop. It was in Belgium, in the Stabilame company, that the frame was cut. She'll go up to Epinal's tattoo parlor before ending up in the garden. 2017 is also a great meeting, as during Mr Hollande's visit to the ENSTIB, who will be amazed by the bamboo bike.

Amménagement de l'atelier
La nouvelle équipe

2018-The team is growing!

Our story continues with an additional year, 14 people working at In’Bô and 6000 glasses made. We have recruited new faces: Marie in sales, Zainab in the graphics part, Jonathan, Sylvain and Anthony in the workshop. We are now working with over 550 opticians in France but also in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The workshop was further enlarged: a mezzanine was created above a 5-axis CNC milling machine, received in September. We are starting to feel cramped! We were able to welcome a few more journalists to the workshop, including France 3 National. We also exchanged with Mr. Macron during his visit to the village of Les Voivres. A presidential visit in a hamlet of 250 inhabitants, it is not seen every day! The partnership with the Epinal Tattoo Show continues, BMX boxes came out of our workshop in June.

2019-Colour, Innovation

This year Robin (one of the founders if In’Bô remember) is back.After stretching his legs on his bike around the world, it is with pleasure that he finds the Vosges workshop filled with new toys : a heating press, the 5 axes CNC machine that makes loads of wood shavings, a 3D printer … What better way to get fully involved in R&D ? (Research and Development) New faces have also appeared on the commerical side with Sébastien who takes care of the West sector and Anais in the workshop, ready to listen to all your requests. In’Bô are now 17 people ! Pics manages the production as a leader following Antoine, who went to search for the Mayans in South America for a year.

année 2019 chez Inbo