Quentin Le Jannou

Originaly from the Haute Savoyard, he rigorously takes care of financial development and steers the team with cold blood!


Aurele Charlet

A Rochelais expatriate in the Vosges, he moves a lot especially during his many commercial tours and during events.


Antoine Cochennec

Outdoor sports fan and curious about everything, it was after exploring South America for a year and will return to manage In’Bô’s communication.


Robin Féron

A Norman who, after cycling around the world, brings us a concentrate of good humor everyday and takes care of the Research and Development axis.

Les collaborateurs


Jérémy Lenain

After several months on internship, Jérémy is the first In’Bô employee. Behind these mischievous eyes we discover an enthusiast Vtt’s and a dad with a big heart. Versatile in production, he is also the storekeeper of the Atelier.

With Inbo since 2016


Romain Souvais

This BMX fan came to discover woodworking. Coming from mechanical training, he quickly came to the aid with the machine maintenance. With this ability to adapt he quickly learned how to make your glasses.

With Inbo since 2016


Christophe Jacquemin

Embarked on the In’Bô adventure from the start, this adventurer has golden hands. Stone carving, working with amber or leather, he is a true self-taught. Since 2017, he has divided his time between the production of glasses and the manufacture of cases.

With Inbo since 2016


Félix Leveque

Originally from Normandy, this skateboarder immigrated to Les Vosges. Very comfortable with the laser cutting machine, he took full possession of it. Constantly in a good mood, he is also always ready to lend a hand.

With Inbo since 2016


Kevin Martin

This young Vosgien is passionate about freeride biking and BMX. After an alternating year, Kevin joined the team as a sales person. He is now responsible for the entire South of France for prospecting.

With Inbo since 2017


May Mougin

She doesn't hesitate to elbow in Roller Derby at the Epinal Reaper’s Crew, of which she is the captain. Under her rock’n’roll allure, May hides her game well. Fearsomely professional, she is in charge of accounting as well as sending.


With Inbo since 2018


Kevin Picard

This Savoyard keen on BMX, has the hard task of managing all of In’Bô’s production. He must ensure the smooth running of production as well as planning. It was through his workexperience of engineer training course at ENSTIB that he arrived with us and we have not managed to let him go for the moment ... Lover of music and wood, he has united these passions by embarking on the manufacture of loudspeakers which he realizes in his spare time.

With Inbo since 2018


Jonathan Blondeau

It was after a few internships with us that Jonathan joined the team. Following a change of course which directed him towards carpentry, he finds himself today at the heart of the manufacture of our glasses.

With Inbo since 2018


Marie Demange

She came to train and lend a hand to Aurèle and Kevin on the commercial side. Here she is, launched for 3 years of work-study training with us. 

With Inbo since 2018


Zainab Fierstone

Trained as a cabinetmaker, and English who has etablished herself in the Vosges. She is found in production and behind a computer for the graphic design creating for the company.

With Inbo since 2018


Anthony Colombier

Here is a motorcycle and mechanical enthusiast who has established himself in the world of wood. He takes part in all stages of the manufacturing of our products.

With Inbo since 2018


Sylvain Mangel

This motocross enthusiast who comes straight from a carpenter's training. He puts his know-how at the service of manufacturing glasses. You can easily recognize him on the video reports thanks to his jackets in the style rather… old school we will say!

With Inbo since 2018


Anais Huel

Better known by the sweet nickname of Potato ... she will probably be the one you will get on the phone if you call us. She will manage your restocking, your requests and your after-sales service with unparalleled professionalism !

With Inbo since 2019


Sébastien Bonneau

Under his beautiful smile hides a great sportsman who does not hold up! Sébastien is doing commercial prospecting in the West of France sector. He's a former optician who knows what he's talking about!

With Inbo since 2019



Pierre-Thomas Leclaire

This tough guy originally from the north of France is definitly a soft heart but a cycling connoisseur. His energy and determination leaded to beautiful bamboo frames that he use to devellop has manager of the bikes department until 2016.