Lost in the swell X [ In'Bô ]

Lost in the swell, these are the adventures of 3 Breton surfers (Ewen, Ronan & Aurel) in search of waves and meetings around the world.

Following their experience on a desert island "Des Iles Usions" they embark on "Gwalaz", to make a complete tour of Brittany, before going to explore the Solomon Islands located in the Pacific.

In 2016, a new project was born, this time the exploration was done by “Fat bike bamboo” along the

African coast, but before that, in 2015, they already carried out a full-scale test on along French beaches.


Lost in the swell au Gabon

The Fat Bikes of the Solidream team travel around the world: after their adventure in Tajikistan,

Solidream has loaned its bikes to Lost In the Swell for the Gabonese coasts!

Lost in the swell et les Fatbikes

First episode of their adventures

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