Thibaud Lhenry X [ In'Bô ]

Thibaud Lhenry is a rope access technician by trade. He is among the 30 best French mountain bikers and in the 2nd category on the road. He started fixie racing on one of our bikes in 2013.

Le mot de Thibaud :

« I met the In’Bô team on a mountain bike race in Epinal. […] I like everything out of the ordinary so I was immediately won over by the bamboo bike. In addition to being completely crazy, it is ultra-efficient. I told them about the National Mustard Crit in Dijon, I wanted to participate but I didn't have a bike. They trusted me and lend one of theirs in July! And since then, I still haven't come back down. »

The first race that Thibaud did with our bikes was the National Moutarde Critérium de Dijon.

He arrived 20 minutes before the race, his arms full of paint since he was leaving work, and with a bamboo bike too small for him ... He took second place, it was the start of a great collaboration!

Throughout 2013, he tested our bikes on the Red hook Criterium (fixie competition bringing together the best riders on the planet) and made us evolve enormously on the technicality of our geometries.

Our project only existed for 6 months when it won a 4th place in Barcelona.

2014, new bib, new bike, a trip to Brooklyn and Thibaud wins the race. He then took the lead in the championship.

Brooklyn 2014 RHC

He will keep the leader’s red jersey in Barcelona with a nice 3rd place. Rémi Pompannon joined the In’Bô team on this round. Unfortunately, he is drawn into a fall and does not finish the race.

Barcelone 2014 RHC

The last round takes place in Milan, Thibaud and Rémi finish 16th and 15th. That’s enough for Thibaud to win the 2014 RHC. For him, as for us it is the consecration, the bamboo bike has proven its place at the highest level!

Milano 2014 RHC

Thibaud will evolve the following year within the Cinelli-Chrome team and is now one of the most feared runners in fixed gear competitions. For this we are proud of him.

As for us for 2015, it is the expedition project to Pamir with Solidream that will grab our attention ...

Thank you for this great collaboration and good luck to you Thibaud.