Le Fat-Pamir

6 491,67 €

Resulting from close collaboration with the travelers of the Solidream team, this bike was developed to go further in the adventure. Oversized tires, incomparable resistance and equipment chosen for its robustness make this Fat Bike a high-end weapon for trekking.

A word from Solidream, March 2016:

« The fat tire redefines the limits of the travel bike by opening up to icy regions, the desert or even the steppe. The flexibility of bamboo restores the pleasure of mountain biking and erases the weight of saddlebags, especially on descents! In short, it is the door open to a new form of wild autonomy. »

For more information contact us at: contact@inbo.fr or 03 57 39 00 10

More details

- Materials et carateristics -

Solid linen fibre junctions join the bamboo for exceptional strength.

- Standard -

Our bikes comply with standard EN 14766 (mountain bike). The tests were carried out at CRITT SPORT in Chatelleraut.

- Sizes -

We offer 4 sizes from S to XL as well as the possibility of making your custom frame.

- Rate -

The price indicated is that of base. It may vary depending on the equipment offered.

- Equipments -

- 11-speed Rolhoff hubs
- Surly fork and wheels
- Hope hydraulic disc brakes
- Hope gallows
- Hope headset
- Surly seatpost
- Hope saddle clamp
- Surly tire and tube

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