• 257,50 €

    Finally a fibre cruiser! The flax fibre combined with carbon fibre makes the board lighter to make it more maneuverable and much more playful. It's a perfect compromise between a cruiser and a longboard. Its well raised noze and tail allow you to go on urban playgrounds! The serigraphy and the grip cut recall the Vosges crest line. Bare or equipped board...

    257,50 €
  • 186,67 €

    This is La Bota's big sister. An urban board made to swallow the road and sidewalks. Wider than its younger sister, it is more comfortable. Available in walnut or ash, it is a cruiser that will not stay in the closet. Bare or equipped board (trucks, wheels and bearings).

    186,67 €
  • 212,50 €

    After having led the Epinal Imagery workshop, Christin Georgel launched his own traditional printing workshop under the name Die Teufelhand. High-end screenprints and exceptional designs leave his studio. We wanted to mix skills and offer a unique object. This artistic collaboration offered in 30 copies comes straight from the imagination of Christin....

    212,50 €
  • 198,33 €

    Voici la Thaon, une planche large et confortable pour faire du bowl ou du cruising. Une planche tout terrain ! Les motifs géométriques de la marqueterie mettent en avant le travail du bois.Les motifs et la sérigraphie sont signés Pierre Gréau, artiste spinalien. Des planches uniques, faites pour rider.  ...

    198,33 €
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