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    We are revisiting the longboard by combining aesthetics and technicality. We have chosen to use different local essences for marquetry and beech for the heart. La Goutte is mainly intended for cruising. Its concave form will lock your feet and its rocker will return a hell of a flex. A kick tail has been added to improve handling. Multi-drilling on the...

    295,83 €
  • 162,50 €

    The Fosse was created to be versatile. It is a symmetrical board that provides comfort and stability. The drop through assembly lowers the center of gravity and facilitates the push for cruising. Three flex are available to suit all riders. The two kicks tails allow you to work tricks easily. The patterns and serigraphy are signed Pierre Gréau,...

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  • 249,17 €

    We were missing a nice dancing board, here it is! With its large dimensions, the Vosego is the perfect tool for this use. Our "classic" linen and carbon composition is also found on this board, which allows it to have a good flex. Grosgrain grip is added for good foot support and for easy identification on the board.Long-lasting grip Numbered...

    249,17 €
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